Training course on inclusion of minorities in Turkey

Conducted by: Bojan Kocevski, Macedonia, participant on all TOTAL editions   How long did the workshop last? 8 days   Target group: 30 participants from 10 European countries aged between 18 to 35 years old. The participants were young leaders, youth workers and volunteers in youth organisations who needed improvement […]

A journey with Karvouniaris

Conducted by: Agoritsa Mandraki, Greece, participant on all TOTAL editions   How long did the workshop last? 1 hour   Target group: The group consisted of 3 people (2 males, 1 female), aged 18, 19 and 25 years old. They are the newest members of our organisation and newcomers in […]

Beyond label!

Conducted by: Slavjan Stojanov, Macedonia, participant on all TOTAL editions   How long did the workshop last? 50 minutes   Target group: Target group were youngsters (approximately from 15 to 28 years old.   Aims: This workshop had purpose to make young people feel how is to live with label […]

Understand Yourself, Understand Your Learners (Enneagram)

Conducted by: Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus, participant on all TOTAL editions   Please give short description of your workshop/training: 4 day Training in Limassol, Cyprus. For:- DOREA Educational Institute (Non-Formal Education & Training Centre for Adults and Youth) & ShipCon Limassol Ltd.   Title: Understand Yourself, Understand Your Learners (Enneagram) Project: […]

The importance of Integration and Team Building

Conducted by: Dalia Carvalho, Portugal, participant on TOTAL Basic and Lab editions   How long did the workshop last?    45 minutes   Target group: 6 participants. From 19 to 25 years old. We were all part of the YME – Young Minho Enterprise, a junior entreprise of the University […]

Live FEED from Europe

Conducted by: Andrea Bernieri, Italy, participant on TOTAL Advance and Lab editions How long did the workshop last?    1 week (it was an entire youth exchange, with a series of workshops)   Target group: Young people, up to 25 with few exceptions above the limits. Mostly students, some of them […]

Create the world as you wish (Kurk pasaulį tokį, kokio nori)

Conducted by:  Modesta Skinkaitienė, Lithuania, participant of TOTAL Basic and Advance editions   How long did the workshop last? 4 hours   Target group: We were looking for people, who are interested on this topic, on facebook. Of course, we had many interesants, but the day when we did workshop, came […]

A refugee story

Conducted by: Fotini Noula, Greece, participant on TOTAL Basic edition   A refugee story: writing the 5 most important objects you would take with you in case of emergency (bomb attacks) per person. Splitting in groups of 6 people and putting the objects in hierarchy. Discussion.   How long did the […]

It was amazing to meet so experienced participants in the course, sharing experience and gaining knowledge about partners involved in the project. I liked idea of certified trainers. I hope that we will have TOTAL Future as well based on the similar basis of the project.

I found many activities I can use in daily work with youth, so I improved my skills to be a trainer. I improved my creativity by participating in the activities and finding different and unexpected solutions. Also I have learned a lot about communication and gained some experience of public presentation while observing others on the stage 🙂

– Rasa Žilionė, Lithuania

TC was very interesting. Trainers who motivated participants during all training. Perfect learning opportunity with good examples of activities. The best place for organizing the training. I developed public speaking, creativity and punctuality.

– Sabina Wajda, Poland

It was the best training I attended. Energy was awesome, people get connected very fast, sessions were interesting and helpful. Great experience!
I gained more confidence. I learned interesting methods for facilitation and found good partners for next projects!

– Dolores Miličić, Croatia

A square kilometer of opportunities!

Dobro Utro Uzana! After creating so many sharing circles for the whole week, this morning started with another shape… the square! With some visual and musical support, we got to choose one dancer in the screen from whom to copy the movements of the square dance. Diversity in action, playing […]

Top of the pops – The show must go on

The group were teleported back in time through music and costumes to the British 70’s music scene. Dressed as Ken Adams, Pink, Robbie Williams, Slash and 50 Cent, we got led through ‘Top of the Tips’ for being the most AWESOME TRAINER that we all aim to become.