General aim of the project is to empower involved organisations to implement non-formal education activities in their local communities and on national and European level. The project will offer opportunity for professional development of trainers and youth workers, starting from basic skills, through development of training modules, training strategies, to improvement of youth work and training.

The project will include following activities:

TOTAL Basic” will be the first activity of the project, designed for participants willing to gain and develop basic training competences and start working as youth trainers. Participants will learn training methods, tools, available resources, and gain skills necessary in their work. Participants of TOTAL Basic will have to implement local follow up activities together with their organisations and send reports within 30 days after they are completed.

TOTAL Advance” will be the second activity of the project, dedicated to trainers with average experience in implementation of training for young people, with clear need to learn about trainer’s portfolio, development, competences, development of a learning plan, and other skills and knowledge necessary for a professional trainer.

TOTAL Lab” (laboratory) will be the final activity within the project. “TOTAL Lab” is designed for experienced trainers and provides space for creating new training tools, innovative solutions and approaches in non-formal education, development of training strategies and new projects. Activity will also have impact on networking among trainers and development of European non-formal education youth projects for youth workers.

Learning outcomes:

– On TOTAL basic participants will understand philosophy and principles of non-formal education, learn how to identify and use training tools, how to conduct self-assessment, evaluate learning process, learn about range of human rights, entrepreneurship and active participation as topics on which they will develop and provide trainings during the practical part of the activity.

– On TOTAL advance participants will additionally understand, learn about and be ready to implement knowledge about trainers’ portfolio, trainer’s development, and competences, development of a learning plan and other skills and knowledge relevant for professional trainer’s work.

– On TOTAL laboratory participants will learn how to contribute to policy drafting and policy reforms in the field of youth and training, create training strategies, innovative and creative training approaches and tools.

These particular competences will be also transferred among participants during common
activities outside of mobility activities.