Travelling through times, talking about leadership and team building

In the afternoon, the princes and the princesses moved gracefully to their royal Krzyzowa dining room and had abundant lunch, consisted of cabbage and potatoes.

Like real princes and princesses from the fairytales, all the royal people went to have a resting time in their chambers where nobody and nothing can bother them.

Well, sometimes we have to come back to reality (no matter how hard it is in this beautiful royal medieval atmosphere surrounding us), so we came back to the training room and continued with the afternoon exciting activities.

At the beginning, we followed the tradition and we started with a dancing energiser in order to prepare ourselves for the upcoming royal meeting.

Before diving into, Princess Kamisha, introduced us to the TOTALly adorable stickers which might be filled out by us and given to the others, explaining why.

Believe it or not, kings and princesses also need some inspiration and motivation that is why we started looking at 10 pictures of famous world leaders and writing down about the first association ideas that come to our mind. Then, we had to share with the others which are the top 3 qualities that we choose among the others. At the end, we had to agree upon, which are the most important ones. As future trainer kings and princesses, we continued by discussing what does leadership means and we came up with the idea that it is about influence and we were presented which are the main characteristics of the good leader – personality, high requests, good communication, asking, active listener, good in decision making and negotiations, helps and support the others, strategic thinking etc. (Really?! That’s so easy for us, we are royal persons …)

The trainer led all the princes and princesses for another time journey by working in 3 groups, having the task to build the highest tower with limited materials provided in order to experience how is it to work in a team, to listen, to communicate… After we went through the phases in the development of a team which are consisted of orientation, unsatisfaction, determination and productivity.

Right after that, from medieval times, Voja led us ahead in the future and together we experienced “landing on the moon” which was about the importance of decision-making process. Everyone in the Palace was exulted, because all of us survived in this mission!

After we came back from the Moon, we discussed that the time and participation are the two main factors that influence the decision-making process and we learned the main stages of it – authority, consultation, voting, compromise, consensus and teamwork…

We had our royal coffee break and returned with more enthusiasm than ever for the last session of the day where all the princes and princesses had to present from which counties are they coming from as well as the organisations that they are working with.

At the evening everybody was very excited because it was the time to present their beautiful, magical countries.

Royal people are always so unique and very artistic, and creative.

And they know definitely how to have fun!!!

This is how another day in the Palace ended.

The best is yet to come…

      – Nikolay Kuzmov, Bulgaria