Assessing our trainer competences and learning about European competence frameworks

Everyone arrived tired but excited to start the fourth day of the TOTAL training course. We were all interested to learn about the European Training Strategy and discover what adventures the new day would bring.

We started with Bella ciao, an energiser involving running, shouting and kissing. It woke everyone up and reminded us that we all need to be kissed.

Then the real work started. We were split into six groups and each given part of the European Training Strategy. We had time to read and discuss the strategy, taking on board points that will make us more competent trainers. After some more time to prepare a presentation we showed the rest of the group what we had learnt in a creative way. Some chose theater, some chose quizzes and others told stories.

Part way through the presentations we broke for lunch. Our stomachs were rumbling and we were eager to get into the restaurant to eat. We had fish, potato, salad and vegetable soup with pasta in it.

After a nice break we got back to work and watched the rest of the presentations. But not before we had taken part in another energiser which had us making many strange sounds and getting louder and louder.

We had in-depth discussions about the training strategy and towards the end of the day we also looked at indicators set by the British Council to assess the performance of trainers.

Despite all our efforts Max never let us fall asleep. It was a long day but we got through a lot.

        – Domenic, United Kingdom & Modesta, Lithuania