All running for TOTAL Advance in the palace of Krzyzowa

It was a very cold afternoon on 10th January 2017, when most  Princesses and Princes arrived at the Palace – tired, hungry, sleepy….

Everybody run to get some food on time – not a Royal table, but bearable.

Then everybody rushed to get a comfy bed in their Quarters, before another Princess or Prince managed to «steal» the best post and then at 8.30 at night in Freezing Krzyzowa all walked up the 5-floor Royal steps to the Venue Royal floor of the Krzyzowa Palace.

The trainers and organizers team were all there to welcome everybody!

AND THE TOTAL ADVANCE TRAINING started! All participants were asked  to draw the meaning of their name and try to explain it all. Well, some Princesses and Princess  were never informed as to what the name given to them meant. Their Royal mummy did not know??? Or what???? ……Mystery in the Royal Counties all over Europe!!!

Finally everybody was sent to the Dungeons of the Palace, where they could shout, scream, sing, dance and ….have fun getting to know each other better…..????? !!! There we experienced interesting Royal Erasmus+ Courting phrases such as – I am writting an EVS Programme. Would you like to join us in the trio partnership? (Question) Are you up to it?….

Following Erasmus+ Courting we enjoyed Royal Innovative Methodology of sharing drinks without the use of our hands…. you see the Palace Dungeons  were short of soap and the Royal hands could not be clean enough to touch the Golden cups… But, we got some very Creative and Innovative Princesses and Princess in both Royal Chores and everybody laughed and enjoyed themselves, till they reached their Royal beds – as this is a privilege of Royalty always….to have a choice and take RESPONSIBILITY of their decisions and actions as Non-formal Learning Methodology rules…!

LEARNING TO LEARN started to be well embedded in the Royal Grounds all over Europe!


      – Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus