Defining and exploring trainer competences

On the beginning of the 3rd day, the trainer Max that started to bring the group closer to the main topic of the project, the trainer competences.

We had to reflect individually about which of the competences are important for a trainer to be developed, and then share and compare our thoughts within different groups, trying to define the most important characteristics.

And here it comes the “alphabet of the competences”, where to each letter, from A to Z, is associated one or more different key words! Four groups had to find out a definition or explanation for each of the words and present their work in the plenary.

After the preliminary work of the morning we were ready and prepared to go deeper into the topic. Therefore, we started the afternoon session exploring what a competence is made of, talking about the 3 areas that are necessary in order to put a competence effectively into practice: skills, knowledge and attitudes-values.

Six groups – 2 per each of the above mentioned areas – made very creative and interesting presentations and shared their results with the others.

During the last activity of the day we’ve been introduced to some of the frameworks used to organize and evaluate trainer competences, in particular to the European Training Strategy and its main structure, criteria and indicators.

It has been an intense and tiring day, but very interesting and productive and in the end we were all feeling TOTALLY involved!

        – Andrea, Italy