Getting practical knowledge about Erasmus+ and how to write a good project proposal

Our last training day started with very nice Ivan’s energiser which was introducing us to our last “Vienas team” workshop with the title “Who are I?” For beginning we drew our portrait without knowing why. After that we wrote  ten aspects  – “who we are”. It was very interesting activity for all of us.

From the beginning we thought it would be a very simple but finally it was more difficult then we expected. Then we were discussing our similar aspects with others and on the other hand our unique aspects. And during the last activity everybody discussed about identity with which we were born and that we can choose during the life. “Everything is possible” was the result 🙂

We had our favorite coffee break and then our trainer introduced to us in detail the Erasmus+ programme, its structure and the possibilities it provides in different fields. We also got professional knowledge how to write a good project proposal, how to apply, what are the selection criteria and got answers on our many questions about the application form and application process.    

         – Simona, Slovakia; Vlad, Romania & Marija, Lithuania