Getting to know-each other better and advancing further into the Training!

Good morning everybody!!! It is Wednesday, 11th January 2017. You are not at home….sweet home! You have the honor to be living in the Royal Quarters of the Krzyzowa Palace for the next  7 days, when you will be kicked out to go home and back to Reality in your Countries, to make life better for ALL YOUTH! So, rise and shine in freezing Krzyzowa! No Royalty can protect you from this cold! Lovely to see almost everything white around and the frozen white rivers – for some – BUT…..cold and slippery too!

So, all the Royal representatives played a lot of interesting games throughout the morning in order to get to know each other better in a non-formal way!

1. Everybody transformed into being a fruit and then into delicious fruit salad with lots of cold, white ice-cream from outside, but also, lots of sweet jam and chocolate from warm hearts!

2. Everybody ate colorful smarties, talking about Family, Education, Hobbies, Friends and something that made them UNIQUE! – some cheated by eating their smarties before sharing their knowledge……Not all Royalty can be brave enough to fight the battle of Truth and Transparency, but, we are getting there!!!

3. All Princesses and Princess were tested on their ability to locate North-South-East and West and where their Country lies in the map of Europe. Some messed up their placement, but of course Royalty can mess up and nobody dares say anything…. Just have lots of fun!

4. Bingo followed with lots of getting to know a lot about each other…

5. And name torture began…..Who can remember all names? YES!!! We got one Maltese Princess…she CAN DO IT!!!

6. All received the first Royal documents of this event in a plastic pocket and a name tag hanging from each person’s neck to help with old age memory problems…

7. Ice-breaking was pretty fitting with the Ice outside and Energizers were waking us up further, while getting to know more about each other was keeping us warm and incubating…, turning us slowly but steadily into a nice cozy TOTAL ADVANCE family!

8. And then we started shooting each other to wake up in a different way, or to wake up feelings and thoughts that matter a lot in our work as Trainers for our personal and professional development, but, also, for our participants’ development to be more ADVANCED Youth workers!

The trainer tried to make ALL Royalty feel very comfortable in lots of ways and write about their expectations from this event, their tsunami fears, and all the Royal presents (contributions) they brought to this Palace to share with each other.

The Programme for the TOTAL ADVANCE Event in the Palace was explained and discussed further and 5 Objectives were laid down for everybody to taste:

  • To educate trainers from partner organisations about trainers’ portfolio, trainers’ development, competences, development of learning plan, and other skills and knowledge relevant for professional trainers work.
  • To develop innovative approaches to training related to inclusion of young people.
  • To come up with innovative training tools, share it, test it and prepare for use in the future.
  • To strengthen partnership among partner organisations.

Ground Rules and Time Management were discussed and  injections of various forms and colours  of Empathy were given to all Princesses and Princess before going to lunch and rest time.

         – Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus