Methods fair and transferring from theory to practice

Our afternoon started with a very sweet energizer “Teddy bear“ to woke up after our lunch break. When we were prepared, we started with the Methods fair on which we were supposed to speak about different non-formal learning methodological approaches that we use in our youth and trainers work.

Our trainer started the Fair with introduction and explanation about one of his most used methodological approaches – the theater of the oppressed. He introduced to us the Tree of the theatre of the oppressed and spoke about the different theatrical forms and techniques developed by Augusto Boal in order to promote social and political change and tackle different issues in society.

After that three of the participants shared with us their experiences with their favorite and most used methods in their youth work. They were speaking and explaining the Living Library, The Hero’s journey and the World cafe method for which the others have also shared their experience and examples of using it. We learned something new again.

At the end of the day, the trainer told us what we are going to do in the next day. It will be our ‘‘Big day‘‘. Why? Because we will have our own workshops finally, being in the shoes of trainers facilitating activities for the others. But, before we did our activities we needed to prepare well for it. Split into mixed teams of 4 people, each team got an activity from the COMPASS manual that we needed to adapt, modify it if needed and prepare ourselves for tomorrow. Everyone is really looking forward to do it!

           – Simona, Slovakia; Vlad, Romania & Marija, Lithuania