Participants take the stage as trainers to speak about violence

Two more participant-led workshops happened during the afternoon sessions of the sixth day. The two delivering teams were composed by four people each.

In the first session it was the “Power Station” workshop, tackling the issue of violence and it’s remedies. Fantasy, creativity and an atmospheric mood, that was transferred to all of the participants with sounds, colors and sensations. A well prepared team, that delivered a known COMPASS workshop, in a totally different way than we had until now seen, something that was well appreciated by a group of already experienced trainers.

The second afternoon session was a “Static theatre of the oppressed” workshop. In three steps and with three static scenes the participants, divided in small groups, were asked to depict acts of violence, their causes and solutions. Very well led workshop, with a very deep and emotional debriefing part.

Both teams were very well prepared, their work was structured and very well divided between the people that were involved in preparing and delivering the workshops. As a reflection of the day, someone can confidently say “Mission Accomplished”!

        – Agoritsa, Greece