TOTAL Advance royal ceremony

Hey! Hey!

TDM2000 POLSKA has the Honour to present you the Royal TOTAL ADVANCE Extended Family:

From Greece we have Princess Ritsa and Princess Fevro, from the County of INHILATES TOU FOTOS!

From Cyprus we have Princess Ekaterini and Princess Maria, of the County of NECI-CYPRUS!

From Bulgaria we have Princess Maria and Prince Nikolay,  of the County of IYAC BULGARIA!

From Slovakia we have Princess Mirka and Princess Simona, of the County of MLADA SERED!

From the Chech Republic we have Princess Andrea and Prince Lukash, of the County of Asociace DICE!

From Macedonia we have Prince Bojan and Prince Slavjan, of the County of URBAN SOCIETY!

From Croatia we have Princess Monika and Prince Tomislav, of the County of CET PLATFORM!

From Lithuania we have Princess Modesta  and Princess Marija, of the County of INNOVATION OFFICE!

From Romania we have Prince Vlad and Prince Victor of the County of SUPER TINERI!

From Poland we have  Queen Agnieszka,  Princess Kamila, Prince Wojciech and the Royal Dog Hugo, of the County of TDM 2000 POLSKA.

From Italy we have Prince Giorgio and Prince Andrea,  of the County of TDM 2000!

From Spain we have Princess Marta and Prince Ivan, from the County of Go Europe!

From Portugal we have Princess Adriana and Prince Bruno, of the County of ARCUM!

From Malta we have Princess Darina and Prince Mario, of the County of FINGERPRINTS!

From the United Kingdom we have Prince Sam and Prince Dominic, of the County of the ASHA FOUNDATION!

Let the Show begin!

King  Voja will open the Second TOTAL dance with Queen Agnieszka of Poland at 8.30pm! Do not be delayed by too much eating and tea drinking! We got lots of  beer in the Dungeon of the Krzyzowa Palace,  where you can shout and scream in any form and under any circumstances your Royalty will allow and wish!!!

    – Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus