Totally final countdown

In the last two sessions of the last day together, we were introduced into the structure and the possibilities of the Erasmus+ Programme – what the Key Actions are, which are the main principles, and possibilities for us as trainers. We discussed Key Action 1, Learning mobility for individuals and Sector “Youth” in particular. Then, the trainer introduced the main elements of the application form, how to write a good project proposal and what is the selection criteria, so that our Projects will stand high possibilities to be approved.

Then, we had the opportunity to have partnership meetings, in order to discuss in what way the partner organizations could cooperate in the future. We had a number of groups discussing on possible partnerships and specific project ideas that could be applied for the February or April 2017 Erasmus+ deadlines.

Meanwhile, the reimbursement process was running and each of one of us had the opportunity to share, how the project was for him/her, through a video interview with Michal or Wojchiech.

Towards the end, we looked at the expectations, contributions, and fears we put down at the beginning of the Training and then shared with the group which ones were fulfilled.

It seemed that most of the expectations were met and almost no fears became true.

Finally, we started reflecting about the whole prоject experience through the “pizza” method, indicating by our own symbol how satisfied we were according to different indicators – session, accommodation, trainers, food еtc.

We finished the last session with the written final evaluation form, where we had to reflect on what  we learned, how much  we enjoyed the training in general and particular activities of the Training, according to some criteria and how we intend to use all the learning from TOTAL ADVANCE  in our future work as trainers.

        – Nikolay Kuzmov, Bulgaria