The last day at Krzyzowa Palace

Dear Honorable Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses,

Your Highness and Royalties

The last Royal Announcement is: This is THE LAST DAY AT THE PALACE!

The curtain is about to drop for TOTAL BASIC and TOTALLY GLAMOROUS non-formal learning activities, behavior, knowledge, experience…… will be closed down for the Autumn Season!!!

It is time to take off your costumes for TOTAL ADVANCE to wear next Winter Season, in January and have the next Royal appearance at The Palace!

Thank you all for being TOTALLY PRESENT and TOTALLY MOTIVATED!

We had a pretty interesting week, pretty surprising, nicely shocking at times, enriching and enhancing our Awareness into Capabilities we may not have yet – but can develop with more and deeper Training! – into Trainer’s Capabilities, Knowledge and Experience we may already possess – but can certainly brush up, develop and enrich further – or maybe lacking to various extent and degree still -and can work towards it all with further Training! –

Well this morning we only had 9 very motivated participants that decided to exercise the Skill of Sleep Learning! The rest had an informative session on Erasmus+ following an interesting Energizer with Sarah, becoming Bunnies greeting each other and Toki-Toki with our next door neighbors.

During the first break we did not all rush to use Technology, noting on Wojciech’s computer our Feelings, Awareness and Tools we take with us, as The Forum Theatre is going down tonight and having to leave The Palace tomorrow morning – what we learned about us and others this last week, as well as, what Tools of Trainers/Facilitators/Youth Activities we may be packing tonight to take back home and to our work. Technology was ready and we started expressing our Royal week feelings just before lunch.

After the break with interesting coffee-like tasting drinks and delicious fruit and biscuits, we continued enriching the awareness of our minds with Project Ideas developing and being build up step by step in 6 groups. BUT, this was only after we played the energizing hand and feet tennis ball game, that shook us all quite nicely and we all observed and learned new Erasmus+ tricks how to get the ball through various obstacles, so that we can stay in the Game and have a chance to win the final call!


Lunch was interestingly tasty and satisfying for our stomach digestion.

And we continued with further food for thought with the Projects to BE in the near future, from partnerships between our Countries and Organizations.

We had

1) SEEK: Self Employment and Environment Knowledge
Youth Exchange for 18 – 35s
Aiming to provide opportunities to young people for ideas for employability through farming!

2) IM-Possible Worlds
Training for 18 – 30s
Concentrating on Ethnocentrism and joining the world with 2 hands holding each other…

3) What’s Your Message?
Youth Exchange
Communication Skills – Learn how to talk to each other…

4) Icalentando Motores! (Getting Ready)
Public Speech and Youth Campaign
Training course for 18 – 30s
Strengthen NGOs and youth workers capacities and competences for doing public speeches and organizing youth campaigns.

5) EUROP-EAT – Eating Disorders (Obesity, Anorexia Nevrosa, Bulemia)
Youth Exchange for 13 – 18s
Impact on Society…

6) Offline On Life
Youth Exchange for 18 – 25s
Be Present! Express in person….Don”t hide behind a computer screen…..
Create – Build Real Relationships…
Dangers of Social Media
Write a poem or draw rather than take a photo…


We concluded the day and TOTAL BASIC Training of Trainers and Active Leaders with serious Evaluation! Breathing and going through the trip of coming to Krzyzowa Palace and day after day schedule, till this moment…. Making tasty Pizza Evaluation and TOTAL BASIC Evaluation.

And last but not least, valuable money reimbursement and The AWARDING CEREMONY tonight at 9.00, with Photo Competition results and Secret Friend Disclosure and much more!!!!
All to be revealed SOON!

Good Trainers never force participants into doing anything they do not want or understand! Especially Royal Trainers like US!

Thus, our Choice, for Youthpass to follow with our Self-Assessment on Key Competences, as well as at least one Project of Training, we have to organize and implement ourselves within the next month, in order to gain our “passport” for TOTAL ADVANCE in January 2017, if we so wish – New Year’s Gift for TOTAL TRAINERS!

Dear Royalty of Krzyzowa PALACE,

Some of us, are going back home as further Aware Trainers, some of us have just started stepping on the Trainer’s Ladder and some of us being TOTTALLY or almost TOTALLY NEW to Erasmus+, have just stepped into the World of Youth work and Youth Activism and… who knows… maybe in a few years they maybe swimming in the Pool of Trainers without a life jacket!

It is all TOTALLY UP TO US to make it!!! J

       – Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus