Time to get to know each other and build the team spirit

On Tuesday, Day 2, feeling more rested, the real business of getting to know each other began. During the morning we played outdoor games and also established the ground rules for the course so that we could set the tone for how we wanted the week to pass.

The first part of the afternoon was dedicated to team building which we achieved by working together in smaller groups to accomplish assorted tasks, including fact finding and more creative tasks. One team, for example, produced a song to capture the spirit of the training, while others gathered information such as the opening times of the local shop. Importantly, we now know that Krzyżowa has 470 windows!

In the second part of the afternoon we worked together to create outfits for an NGO Fashion Show, the idea being to share information about the NGOs we each represent and to do so in a creative and fun way. Models paraded proudly down the catwalk, showcasing many colourful and funky designs…

After dinner, we rounded off the day with intercultural sharing in the form of presentations by participants from Malta, Slovakia, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland and the UK. Our cultural knowledge was tested by quizzes, our ears delighted by Slovak  folk song and our tastebuds treated to all kinds of delicious snacks and drinks from across the continent.  Totally awesome!

          – Zara Quli, United Kingdom

Intercultural evening
Below you can see a gallery with photos from the activities that we had on day2 of the project.