More TOTAL trainers in action and discussing trainers’ etiquette

Day 6 with Total basic started full with energy and enthusiasm. As common during this week we started morning session with energizer. The guys from group number 6 divided earlier during the week/ started with very powerful and funny loud energizer.

The sessions proceed  with the workshop, which was prepared by the team number 6. The topic of the workshop was “8 Key competences”. The next workshop of group number 2 was about “Immigration”. After the group 2, the process continued with group number “4”- which topic was “Self development” , The session was designed to provide ideas and a tool to youth workers on how they can facilitate their own pace of self development, The main idea is based on using Art tools and Reflection for bring out own experiences either positive, negative and neutral. During this process youth workers are discovering their capacities, capabilities and potentials (C-C-P), meaning that through and with these they managed to overcome any previous experiences and stand at present level in a more steady ground. Thus by the end of the activity they will collect all these C-C-P and have them all gathered as an assistive tool for their forthcoming self development. The method/tool uses Circle as the main idea in which we consider ourselves in the center and all other experiences are shapes around it. For each experience we use different colour according to the feeling that the experience brought out to us and a different size according to the impact.

Group number 3: The session started with an energizer. The theme of the session was Ethnocentrism and discrimination. We were four in the team and prepared a discussion tool since the session duration was planned to be 30 minutes, during which an introduction, small guess-quiz, discussion and debriefing and  conclusion were prepared by the participants of the team. The session was intended to provoke thinking, digesting information individually and then discuss in groups. During such a session participants normally skim the surface when dealing with teenager-participants. In this case adults were involved and we went deeper in the discussion and developed several arguments and this helped some people to stand for their argument while others changed their standpoint and felt that they benefited from the discussion, as a result of which they benefited from learning from each other and connection to new issues.

The main topic for the last afternoon session was about “Trainers’ etiquette”. We were spread in groups and motivated to discuss and play roles for this activity. Each of the group divided in groups/ issues which may challenge trainer, what he/she can do, what he/she don’t/doesn’t have to do in certain situations/.

The day was full with energy and energizers which made you productive and wakened for knowledge and learning all the day. We were totally satisfied of the day!

     – Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus