A trainer without training resources is like a library without books

Day 4 of TOTAL Basic started  full with energy and enthusiasm. As common during this week, we started the morning session with fun energizer. The trainer gave us the necessary fun and we started the exciting day with a session about Training resources. The sessions was related with the resources which can be used for developing workshops, which can be used in trainers work at all.

We mentioned the most common and most used training resources and platforms such as Salto, Compass, Compassito, Coyote, and others. Afterwards, divided in 4 groups we had a task to analyze and discuss more in depth about the mentioned training resources. After the discussions we had a chance to present as group in front of the other participants each of these resources.

After useful information gained from this productive morning session , we proceed with the next step of the agenda – where we can use these resources and how to adapt them for working with young people. We were divided into working groups, where each group had an experienced leader who is going to lead a workshop with other 2 participants by using these resources.

The main task for this last afternoon session “preparation of workshops” was: to define idea of the workshop, its target group, aims and objectives, to use the resources mentioned above and to choose suitable methods and tools. The day finished with discussion about  materials, time schedule of each group with workshop, assessment and evaluation of the day by discussing  what was useful and what we have learned throughout the day.

The day was full with energy and energizers which made us productive and wakened for knowledge and learning all the day. We were totally satisfied of the day!

        – Nataliya Lukova, United Kingdom