Travelling for TOTAL basic transformation – Testimonials from TOTALLY READY participants


Nowadays, Erasmus+ has become very popular and after listening to some people experiences in these projects, I realize that I also wanted to participate in them. I look for Erasmus+ projects that interested me and definitely, TOTAL BASIC was the perfect one to initiate myself. Of course I had some fears before coming here but, after meeting the people and seeing the place, those feelings disappeared letting place to be excited about this amazing culture exchange and open and learn as much as possible. I am happy to be here and I recommend everyone to enter the “Erasmus+ world”!

Alicia, Spain


I came here for networking… Wroclaw was one of the most interesting towns in Poland.

Renos, Cyprus


We were on a bus for 14 hours. We came to Wroclaw at 5.00am and we were exploring the city for 12 hours. At the end we were just lying on the grass all exhausted – BUT! The thoughts about the project and all those new people we will meet gave us enough energy to come to the meeting point and collect all those SMILES!

Auguste, Lithuania


Travelling to Wroclaw was exciting… I came once before…not this season…history and the significance….

Zara, U.K.


Before arriving here I spend one day in Berlin. I was alone and a Turkish woman approached me in a café. We talked for hours about our lives, our happy and good moments. She ignited me to share the lunch in her  apartment. We spent the whole day together, with her and her little children. Human to human, it was beautiful!

Maria, Italy


TOTAL Basic gave me the chance to see the city Wroclaw which I fell in love with. I spent a couple of awesome days walking and enjoying it. After that  I was very excited to meet the people from the project. It’s only our first day yet,  I’m totally amazed that  I already learned most of the people’s names. The place we are staying is really nice. Thank you TDM2000 Polska! You are totally awesome!

Tihomir, Bulgaria


I became sad when I was in Lithuania, but I accepted challenge to go to Poland by bus. We were in bus about 14 hours, so for me it was hot, because I felt so so badly (with temperature and sore throat). We came to Wroclaw 5 am, 12th day September, and all day we needed to spent time – without sleep, I mean, normal sleep, without good condition (my health) and yes, it was horrible for me. I was trying to enjoy my trip, city and just being, trying forget my tiredness, but it was hard. Later, about 2p.m. in Wroclaw me and Auguste just slept near the river 🙂

Modesta, Lithuania


I had really hard weekend and not enough sleep. It is the first time, when I went somewhere totally alone without knowing anyone. But everybody is really nice to me and I feel like a part of a group!

Petra, Czech Republic


I was worried because I was really happy even if in the office there was a lot of job to get done. New I am happy to be here and to know people.

Mariangela, Italy


I was (and still am) very motivated t come back to this place and take place in amazing training TOTAL. I am proud to be part of TDM2000 Polska and I am trying to contribute as much as possible.

Wojciech, Poland


My feelings was very expectation, because I didn’t know what should  expect from project. Enthusiastic and fear together.

Silvia, Slovakia


My feelings was mixed because on one side I know venue of the project and hosting team, but on other side I didn’t know how group will be, good or not.

Tomislav, Croatia


My feelings were clear. Was happy to meet people I know and appreciate and to meet new people. Secondly my wish to learn and share were very strong!

Karen, Malta


I was totally amazed from Warsaw and Wroclaw. I really enjoy Poland and culture here. Happy to be part of this totally amazing training.

Natalia, U.K.


I was feeling and totally excited to meet 35 youth workers and youth trainers coming from whole Europe. For short moment I felt also a bit scared, because I was worried I will not have enough of time to spend with everybody and get them to know well.

Kamila, Poland


This is my second project, and I was a little bit stressed, but I am excited too. I just noted it will be amazing experience, to get so much people and countries. I knew better, I need to be in this project because of new information important for my Organization “mlada sered”. I really wanted to work hard and be good in project participation. Greetings and hugs from me 🙂

Dominika, Slovakia


I was really excited before the project, because I’ve been to Krzyzowa before, so I knew it’s gonna be an amazing project here again. So, I am very happy that first to days showed me that I was right – people are amazing and project is really promising already! Looking toward for next days with joy!

Vladimir, Croatia


It was probably the first time I could pack for an Erasmus+ project without having to rush. Still I only had 1 hour sleep before leaving for the airport at 12.30am yesterday. However  I was excited it was time to get to TOTAL! I had 5 hours of drawing at Warsaw airport (something that always relaxes me and feels up my batteries and I haven’t been able to do for a long time!) and this boosted me a lot! So, arriving in Wroclaw to get on the shuttle bus to start my TOTAL BASIC trip I was TOTALLY READY to meet with lots of people and share and learn from each other and develop further as a person and professional and as a Trainer…

Ekaterini, Cyprus


         – Testimonials obtained by Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus