It was amazing to meet so experienced participants in the course, sharing experience and gaining knowledge about partners involved in the project. I liked idea of certified trainers. I hope that we will have TOTAL Future as well based on the similar basis of the project.

I found many activities I can use in daily work with youth, so I improved my skills to be a trainer. I improved my creativity by participating in the activities and finding different and unexpected solutions. Also I have learned a lot about communication and gained some experience of public presentation while observing others on the stage 🙂

– Rasa Žilionė, Lithuania

TC was very interesting. Trainers who motivated participants during all training. Perfect learning opportunity with good examples of activities. The best place for organizing the training. I developed public speaking, creativity and punctuality.

– Sabina Wajda, Poland

It was the best training I attended. Energy was awesome, people get connected very fast, sessions were interesting and helpful. Great experience!
I gained more confidence. I learned interesting methods for facilitation and found good partners for next projects!

– Dolores Miličić, Croatia