A refugee story

Conducted by: Fotini Noula, Greece, participant on TOTAL Basic edition


A refugee story: writing the 5 most important objects you would take with you in case of emergency (bomb attacks) per person. Splitting in groups of 6 people and putting the objects in hierarchy. Discussion.


How long did the workshop last?   

30 minutes


Target group:

40 participants (from different countries) 20-30 years old. It was included youth members and leaders from different organizations



Introduction to the subject of the project.raising awareness about the conditions that refugees are dealing with before escaping their countries. Empathy( trying to see from different points of view). Critical thinking on refugees’ needs. promoting team building.


Learning outcomes you planed to achieve?

We wanted to show them to think out of the box and see that when they are really in this kind of situations it is not so easy to choose objects and there is no space to think on this. Put themselves in refugees’ shoes. underline the meaning of making decisions in groups.


Results (were the learning outcomes met? What has the group learnt?) 

1) diving into the subject and the feeling of a refugee

2) learning the importance of group working

3) start not to take things for granted

4) understand the difference between what they chose in a imagery simulation and what they would choose in reality


What were the challenges for you in conducting the workshop? Was everything how you planed? 

The number of the participants and the risk of not taking seriously the situation and make fun of it. In the biggest part everything went as planned but in discussion occurred many concerns and evaluation on how this situation can be realistic


What has changed in your approach towards trainer’s work? 

It is really challenging to be a trainer and work with another trainer and so many participants with different cultures and perspectives. Also, the picture of how a trainer is in my mind and how I can be one in action. I understood in this workshop that the trainer should practice a lot his/her skills in real life and be patient with working youth groups.


Which skills and knowledge gained on TOTAL did you use conducting the workshop?

Yes, I would like to take part in it, because I really want to be a trainer in the future and I really liked the way that TOTAL Basic helped me to be a good facilitator in a youth exchange. I also want to improve my skills and my knowledge. But I will inform you about my participation for sure.