Beyond label!

Conducted by: Slavjan Stojanov, Macedonia, participant on all TOTAL editions


How long did the workshop last?

50 minutes


Target group:

Target group were youngsters (approximately from 15 to 28 years old.



This workshop had purpose to make young people feel how is to live with label (with some sort of role playing), and what could be the negative consequences of them in society (even from positive labelling).


Learning outcomes you planned to achieve?

By plan was this workshop to raise awareness how we treat other people (and how we are treated) with labels in everyday life, what could be the consequences of giving label on others (and living life with labels from others).


Results (were the learning outcomes met? What has the group learnt?)

Yes, I think by the response by the group they get the point of this workshop, and will remember the thing that were shared and concluded during the workshop (especially because the tendency of the workshop to affect the emotional side of the participants).


What were the challenges for you in conducting the workshop? Was everything how you planed?

Everything did went by the plan, but challenges for this workshop could be if the the trainer do this workshop before knowing well the group that he/she is working with (he/she may have participants who were victim of labels, that will not handle very well the vivid repetition of the same process).


What has changed in your approach towards trainer’s work?

Not that much :), till now i had a lot of chances to watch and learn from good and bad trainers in order to know what to do, what not to do, how to prepare and when to improvise.


Which skills and knowledge gained on TOTAL did you use conducting the workshop?

Yes in order to extend even more my knowledge for the trainers work, and also to share what i have learned till now.