Create the world as you wish (Kurk pasaulį tokį, kokio nori)

Conducted by:  Modesta Skinkaitienė, Lithuania, participant of TOTAL Basic and Advance editions


How long did the workshop last?

4 hours


Target group:

We were looking for people, who are interested on this topic, on facebook. Of course, we had many interesants, but the day when we did workshop, came just 5 people (age between 20-29 years old). They were random people, most of them are students, also we had one youth worker and one – young mom with baby 🙂 So we had 5+1 (baby) participants, and Augustė, Rasa and me were facilitators 🙂



First of all, I wanted try myself as a treiner, or facilitator, I wanted to share my knowledges, which I gave from ,,Total Basic” training course and also from my daily life. I add some different activities next to ,,Total basic” activities, and I did my mix activities. The aim: to find ways how we can be more stronger in our daily life, because topic was the most about leadership.


Learning outcomes you planed to achieve?

Show how is important understand and accept ourselves and also differences of leadership, because we all are very different, and we all can be leaders. It doesn’t matter are you melancholic, ae you choleric and etc., you should find the best sides of your character and show it and also the weak sides you need try to make strenght.


Results (were the learning outcomes met? What has the group learnt?)

I did survey after activities, so people say that activities were interesting and helpful. One girl identified few activities which were different type from she had in Erasmus plus projects, because I add it from military exercises 🙂


What were the challenges for you in conducting the workshop? Was everything how you planned?

First challenge – to show my knowledges to others and don’t think that it is bullshit 🙂 Second, speak clearly, structured and intelligibly, not between the lines like I like to do in my daily life 🙂 Third, won’t do mistakes of facts, because maybe I don’t feel always enough competitive to speak about these things… Yes, everything went according to plan, but just in the beginning I felt like knocked out because a lot of people didn’t go, although they wrote they will go, so it was sad that we just have 5 people, because I was prepared for bigger group, so I need quickly change my plans.