Youthpass – Key Competences – Life Long Learning – How all this relates to Social Entrepreneurship

Conducted by: Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus, participant on all TOTAL editions


How long did the workshop last?

1.5 hours


Target group:

18 Youth workers of ages 20+ (- 60), from 9 countries (Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Estonia, Spain, Poland, Estonia) on a KA1 Training “We Can Do it: On the Way to Social Entrepreneurship” – 2015-3-CY02-KA105-000568 – in Cyprus.

Awareness on Key Competences and why these are considered very important, and how each relates to Social Entrepreneurship, Life Long Learning for all, what Youthpass represents.


Learning outcomes you planed to achieve?

Life Long Learning is continuous learning in our life and we always have more to learn. What are Key Competences How some Key Competences are pretty central in Social Entrepreneurship Why are Key Competences important to develop How important it is to be aware of your Competences and of weak points, so that you can improve both further and make the best use of your Competences. Differentiation between Skills and Competences. Learning and developing further is the responsibility of each one of us.


Results (were the learning outcomes met? What has the group learnt?) 

All of the learning outcomes were met for the majority of the participants (the level of understanding of some people because of their very low or no understanding in English was the responsibility of each participant that attended a Training in English without enough knowledge of the language used). All learned that learning is our responsibility, and we all have choices in life.


What were the challenges for you in conducting the workshop? Was everything how you planed?

The workshop developed pretty well. I followed my plan by 75%, because of restrictions because of some people’s understanding of English (not being able to respond) and time limits.


What has changed in your approach towards trainer’s work?

Encouraged me further into the work of the Trainer, as it is very challenging and worth doing, seeing people’s awareness developing. It is also very exciting, as people will always surprise you with their knowledge, understanding.