The importance of Integration and Team Building

Conducted by: Dalia Carvalho, Portugal, participant on TOTAL Basic and Lab editions


How long did the workshop last?   

45 minutes


Target group:

6 participants. From 19 to 25 years old. We were all part of the YME – Young Minho Enterprise, a junior entreprise of the University of Minho.



In this junior enterprise, I’m part of the Human Resources’ Department and my main aim by conducting this workshop was to show how important is the integration of the new members, the importance of knowing every single member and maintain the team together and happy to be part of this enterprise.


Learning outcomes you planed to achieve?

I wanted to show the importance of Integration and Team Building through energisers and activities that made them work in groups but as a team because the result of that activity was dependent of the performance of each group (I prepared a activity as the one that we did at the “Team Building” session). Beyond that I prepared, as the last activity, a task where they needed to design a day only dedicated to integration.


Results (were the learning outcomes met? What has the group learnt?) 

Yes! I truly believe that I passed the message that I wanted! At the end of the workshop, I did a moment of reflexion and everyone was saying that they had no idea how important this was and that they were happy to understand that in a informal way. This was also important because the target group was mainly the entire group of Human Resources’ Department and they can put this tips in action.


What were the challenges for you in conducting the workshop? Was everything how you planed? 

The main challenge was to not exceed the 45 minutes and fortunately I didn’t.


Which skills and knowledge gained on TOTAL did you use conducting the workshop?

I really want to take part in TOTAL Advance because everything that I learnt in September has been so important in my performance and it was only the first step of this learning. I would like to learn more and challenge myself to it because is important in what I want to achieve in my future.