Training course on inclusion of minorities in Turkey

Conducted by: Bojan Kocevski, Macedonia, participant on all TOTAL editions


How long did the workshop last?

8 days


Target group:

30 participants from 10 European countries aged between 18 to 35 years old. The participants were young leaders, youth workers and volunteers in youth organisations who needed improvement or new competences related to youth work in the field of social inclusion of minorities and disadvantaged groups of young people.



– To increase participants knowledge about minorities, minorities rights in particular and human rights in general, challenges and violation of rights minorities face, minority-majority relations,intercultural and interfaith dialogue and different models of social inclusion of minorities in EU

– To raise the awareness about how certain minorities, groups of individuals are socially excluded on the basis of their status, life choices or beliefs and encourage participants to take a active stand against discrimination, racism, xenophobia and social exclusion

– To foster social cohesion and inclusion in Europe through addressing the issue of social exclusion and encouraging youth awareness and commitment to tackling these issues through creating and running local youth activities.


Learning outcomes you planned to achieve?

The main outcome was improvement of professional competences of participants to do youth work with minorities, vulnerable, marginalized and excluded groups within their organisations and communities. Participants have also learned how to plan and run activities for inclusion of minority young people in society by promoting and raising awareness about social cohesion, tolerance, diversity, solidarity, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and in the same time fighting against discrimination, racism, xenophobia and exclusion in general in any form and at any level.


Results (were the learning outcomes met? What has the group learnt?)

The main result was a Toolbox of non-formal learning activities and methods for social inclusion of minority youth and fighting discrimination, racism, xenophobia and social exclusion in any form.


What were the challenges for you in conducting the workshop? Was everything how you planed?

Everything was going as planned.


What has changed in your approach towards trainer’s work?

To be more patient and careful with the group of participants during the workshops as well as provide more support to the less experienced participants.


Which skills and knowledge gained on TOTAL did you use conducting the workshop?

The TOTAL project have provided with me many new methodological approaches and ideas for workshops that i have used in my trainer work. It helped me to improve my facilitation and leadership skills as well as provided with me a lot of ideas for organising future activities and motivation to work as trainer.