Understand Yourself, Understand Your Learners (Enneagram)

Conducted by: Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus, participant on all TOTAL editions


Please give short description of your workshop/training:

4 day Training in Limassol, Cyprus.

For:- DOREA Educational Institute (Non-Formal Education & Training Centre for Adults and Youth) & ShipCon Limassol Ltd.


Title: Understand Yourself, Understand Your Learners (Enneagram)

Project: Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

Dates of Implementation: 07 – 10 August 2017

Target Group: Nursery and Primary School Teachers and HeadTeachers and EVS Volunteer

Age:- 21 – 60

Number of participants: 6

4 Whole day Training

Language: English ( translation was required at most of the Training because of

the level of understanding and speaking English of some of the



Main Aims:

 Career guidance and counselling

 Combating failure in education

 Fight against school failure & link school and work

 Inclusive approaches

 Pedagogy and didactics

 School improvement & quality evaluation


Specific objectives:-

 Raise awareness and tolerance to human diversity

 Introduce, discuss and try to understand 9 main sets of motivations, values

and needs – Personality types

 Enable participants to recognize their own type and/or combination/variability

of personality characteristics and develop capabilities to be able to better

utilize their strengths and deal with challenges at work and in life

 Enhance the ability to communicate effectively with different types of people

 Enable participants to make the Best team decisions that enhance

collaboration and ensure the best possible outcome, through understanding

the personality characteristics of everybody involved

 Help the participants understand how different personality types react to

stress and similarities, differences and variations between adults and youth at

various ages

 Enhance understanding of  the Emotional Intelligence

 Enable the participants to be able to Think out of the Box and expand their

Limits to New Possibilities and Opportunities

 Enable the participants to bee able to value Diversity for the Best of

themselves and their work and their learners’

 Enable the participants to take to the next level of understanding of the needs

of their learners, through recognizing personality characteristics of their

learners and developing the capability to try to see from their learner’s shoes

 Enable the participants to help their learners to function at the highest level of

their capacities

 Enable the participants to plan the next School academic year and their

individual class programme of Teaching and Managing, using all the

Knowledge, Awareness and Experience they got through the Training

“Understand Yourself Understand your Learners”

 Give the opportunity to the participants to meet colleagues of different

nationalities, exchange

experiences and build network


Methods:  Non-Formal Education/Learning

Solution Focused BRIEF and PROKOP Practice & Coaching

Key Competences Self Awareness – Assessment

Forum Theatre



World Cafe Method

Getting out of the Box – Expanding/Stretching our Boundaries

Enneagram Personality Typology



All objectives were reported to have been achieved.

All participants became more aware of their own personality characteristics and how these could be influencing their work and their learners.

All participants became more aware and capable of recognizing personality characteristics of others and particularly of the youth they work with.

All participants became more aware of what they need to aim for their life and work.

All participants became more aware of new possibilities of how to change their School and School work for the Best of themselves as Teachers and Management, as well as for the Best of their students.

They already started planning changes and development of new tactics and wants-needs as a group and individually, for the September 2017 School year and what could follow in life after the EVS (for the EVS youth participant).

All participants felt they had become a group, where they could trust and respect each other and were able to share their experiences of the new learning and awareness they got everyday through the Training – that was pretty shocking for them at times…..

All participants became more aware of how important team building, trust and respect is in all of their work with the youth and how the personality characteristics of each can play an important role in this.

Please share which aspects of TOTAL training were helpful in preparation and implementation of your local/international activity:

This was an International Activity – Erasmus + Staff Mobility

The Awareness, new Knowledge in Methodology and Development in Methodology, Experience, Personal and Professional Development I gained by attending the 3 ToT – TOTAL Training of Trainers, help me work more efficiently and more consciously. I have been working as a Freelance Trainer and Youth Worker for a number of years now. However, TOTAL has empowered my work as a Trainer and Youth worker and has boosted my Self-Confidence, Awareness and Trainer’s Capabilities.

I used all I gained from TOTAL ToTs at all stages of preparing for the Training (I had to prepare and deliver within 5 days, because of a last minute request to be Trainer at this Training) and for the daily and overall implementation. A lot of listening to the learning/developing capabilities of each participant and a lot of daily development of the pace of the schedule of the Training, was required – TOTAL experience helped a lot in this as well.