A square kilometer of opportunities!

Dobro Utro Uzana!

After creating so many sharing circles for the whole week, this morning started with another shape… the square! With some visual and musical support, we got to choose one dancer in the screen from whom to copy the movements of the square dance. Diversity in action, playing with interaction and the unexpected, adapting ourselves to the moment of now.

With body and mind activated, we dived into the 4 temperaments theory, a method with ancient roots to assess your own temperament which Hippocrates applied into medicine. Assessing ourselves giving scores to different words in a scale 1-5 according to how they reflect who we are, we did some maths just afterwards to get the total scores in the different sections.

Four sections, four corners of a square. A square in which we moved to for listening more about the characteristics of all of them, checking which one was our primary temperament and learning about potential strengths and weaknesses. Being honest with ourselves in order to go deeper inside was the key to see how that can give us some information on why we act and behave in a certain way and how that works with people as well. External assessment could be done also from a person close to you, or even from our future self in another moment.

However, as we are not squares but humans, we are a combination of all so we can get to understand our profile better by how the four sections blend with each other. Are you “Choleric” and then “Sanguine”, “Melancholic” and then “Phlegmatic”? Or maybe the other way around? A really interesting learning point is that you can shift your place depending on the situation you are involved in and the group you are working with. Adapting yourself finding the balance within you and your surroundings through different ways of beings and learning.

From different to different, we jumped to different programmes in Europe and far beyond. Opportunities, possibilities and platforms to match with our needs, interests and skills for either joining or creating new projects, into the path of learning and sharing. Possible funding for training opportunities, analyzing in small groups the eligibility criteria, application, objectives, structures and so on for the upcoming future.

Time for a break and for welcoming snow into town!

         – Yolanda, Spain