From knowledge to practice – learning by doing day

After the punch and lunch “siesta” as our Italians like to say, we proceed to working on facilitation of workshops by participants. The first group had a workshop about team building where participants were divided into 2 groups. Each of the participants got one role, leader or blind-folded. We had the task to lead the blind folded participants to help them to achieve their goal. For some of us it was very easy, for some it was not easy at all, but after discussion we all agreed that issues which can arise when you are in the position of leader are issues which can happen to us in real life and the way we can deal with those kinds of issues we need to practice in order to overcome them.

The second group of the afternoon presented a workshop about effective communication. We were again divided into 2 groups and had the task to pass the message from the beginning of the row to the end by only miming, communicating without any sounds. Through this workshop, which was very interesting and at the same time funny, we realized that there is a lot of barriers when we want to send key messages to our target group and we need to be aware of it. After discussion we concluded that our messages need to be short and simple and very clear, if we want for our target group to understand our message and react on it.

The third group this afternoon facilitated the workshop about human rights using theater as a method. Groups were created in an interesting way. Each person was given a piece of paper with an animal on it, they then had to make the noise of the animal to find their other team members. After that, each group was given one part of history and had the task to create a live sculpture regarding the situation with human rights at that time. After that, participants tried to guess time of history of other groups and we were discussing about human rights and how protection of human rights were developed through history. After that, we concluded that we need to be more active and we need to work on promotion of equality AND equity, especially with young people in our societies.

After all the groups presented, the trainers gave us feedback on our workshops and also advice on what we can do to improve in the future. We all found these tips very helpful and will try and implement in our future youth work and activities. We also received feedback from other participants who were very active in all activities during the day.

In the evening we had a quiz organized by our trainer Vojislav with questions from different categories such as geography, music, sport, history etc. The winners of the quiz were Team CET platform, not because the trainer is from that organization, but because they chose music category as experts in music and got double points for all correct answers in that category.

The whole day was very useful for us because we had the opportunity to work on our skills and to put into practice the knowledge which we gained during the TOTAL experience.

       – Tomislav, Croatia