Let’s design it!

Today we entered the core of our working week and we had the chance, during the first part of the morning, to design and plan our own sessions! But before starting the preparation, let’s test our skills through an energizer! Lot of fun and laughs in the group, as we had to pass a ball while seated in circle without using our hands! The positive vibes and energies unleashed let us enter our preparation in the best mood!

All the groups were very active and willing to test their competences as trainer, and all the participants were active and involved. The process was very smooth and pleasant and for the second session we were ready to attend the first workshop of the day.

It was about discussing and finding out characteristics and skills of a trainer through a sort of “alphabet”, where different groups had to identify words associated to the figure of the trainer, selecting the 5 most important features.

The discussion that followed was very interesting and fruitful, and all of us could get a better understanding of what it means to be a trainer, which elements and personal characteristics are involved or should be involved while working as trainer.

       – Andrea, Italy