On the way to success

What about going even further into exploring trainer’s path? That’s what we did during the late afternoon of this day. Each one of us received a list of stages that the trainer should go through during his work which included preparation materials, evaluation, finalize the working program, creating session outlines etc. Reflecting on our experience and what we’ve already learnt during the previous days here, each of us had to put in a chronological order all these elements.

Afterwards, we worked in a team of two discussing again and coming up with a common list. At the end, we worked in a team of a few people in order to find out what is our common understanding about the steps that we have to make as trainers in order to go through the process.

We agreed upon that we would start with a Skype meeting with the organization that is having a training opportunity in order to be interviewed and get familiar with the project details. If there’s an agreement between both, the next step is to sign the contract which contains all the information, responsibilities, salary, other details regarding the project. Meanwhile, the application procedure for selecting participants should be initiated.

Having the opportunity already, next crucial step for the trainer is to start researching and preparing for the topic of the project, gathering information, which methods to choose etc. Then, creating the session outlines is the next logical step where we have to put down everything that we have prepared so far in a more concrete and structured way – objectives of the sessions, needed materials, duration etc. At this stage, the selection of the participants should be finalized in order to continue with the next step where we have to prepare all needed materials and start the preparation of the selected participants. Afterwards, it comes the time to meet with our team members in order to delegate the responsibilities, to coordinate our work and to continue the preparation.

Right before the implementation stage of the project, we also have to finalize the program with our team of trainers, technical, support staff and organizers taking into consideration participant’s needs and motivation. It comes the most exciting moment for the trainer where he’s already on the project and delivering his sessions. In order to find out how well he managed, what is needed afterwards in to do an evaluation on the whole process. The next step is to upload all learning materials, so that everyone can have access and use in their future. It comes the moment for sending a report describing how each session went through.

Last, but not least, the whole cycle finishes with receiving a payment for the job well done. We all agreed that in order to provide a high quality training and keep the professional standards of our work, we need to follow all of the stages. Doing that, we’ll be always on the path of success.

           – Nikolay, Bulgaria