TOTAL moves from the Polish palace of Krzyzowa to the Bulgarian forest of Uzana

Arriving in Sofia, was quite interesting and adventurous for most of us, but the real adventure actually started at 16.00 on the 3rd April 2017, at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2, outside the Metro Station, when everybody started gathering for our Erasmus+ TOTAL LAB in Uzana. It was very nice to see some familiar faces and hear friendly voices and hug each other. There also some new faces and names as well. All welcome in the TOTAL LAB Team.

The bus arrived and we started pilling our suitcases in the basement of the bus, while we climbed up the steps of the bus to “park” ourselves on a seat for the next 4.5 hours! This trip was going to be very long indeed!!!

We seemed to have reached the first walking/smoking/eating/coffee/toilet break pretty quickly – everybody was talking with friends and sharing our news, or meeting new people. This kept us busy for the first part.

In the second part of our drive, people were quieter and some started dozing off, some snoring too. I cannot tell who because I was among the first ones that were between sleeping and nodding their heads a lot and jumping into reality only at some points.

After our second stop to rest, everybody seemed anxious to get to Uzana. We got off the motorway and we thought we were almost there, but then we jumped onto another motorway and more villages and finally the town before our TOTAL Lab Destination. So, 15-20 minutes we should be there, but no! We kept going through village after village, with interesting houses and then the forest came! We kept going and going and going. It seemed to never end!

Hurray! It looks like the road ends. Yes, yes, we are here at last, at Uzana and we start climbing up the stairs with our luggage. We dropped of our bags in our rooms and sat down for dinner.

Rest time – Breakfast starts at 8.00AM and the first session in the morning at 10.00AM. We got plenty of time to have a good sleep and an even more powerful TOTAL BEGINNING in the morning!

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, we woke up to a beautiful place! Some snow still in shady parts, hiding between the trees. The cool air and beautiful cedar trees with white and lilac dwarf flowers appearing all over the place amazing!!! Spring beauty appearing from beneath the snow! It was cold walking outside but real natural serene beauty everywhere you look.

Inside TOTAL LAB Training of Trainers begins in the dungeon of this secluded hotel and we feel inspired.

Let’s start developing further into becoming more capable Trainers and more aware of our competences and focus on developing them.

Enjoy being TOTALLY LAB FORESTERS for a whole week and beyond!

          – Ekaterini Prokopiou, Cyprus