TOTALLY ready to start!

Here we go again! Total lab has finally started and today we’re gathering in the beautiful nature of Uzana for an intense and productive week together! New people and faces together with old friends will make this training course an unforgettable learning experience! We began our day with a short introduction of participants, where each of us had to say one interesting fact about his/herself. We were already finding out funny and exciting things about each other.

To keep our level of energy going, we played a game of “human bingo” and went on some fascinating speed dates to know and share more about our new TOTAL LAB team.

After a refreshing coffee break, we performed our “Ninja skills”, and we were ready to start to get a better understanding of our experiences and backgrounds as trainers.  We shared our previous activities and expertise and the group gained a deeper insight about its diversity amongst the team (picture of step forward).

In the last part of our first morning together, we went through our fears, expectations and contributions and defined the ground rules to follow for the next days.

         – Andrea, Italy