Saturday morning full of theatre

Our weekend in Krzyzowa started with Andrea’s “Run and kiss“ energizer. When we boosted our energy up, we could listen our trainer Max who was speaking about Intercultural conflict. Than we were split into teams by counting to 6 in Lithuanian. It was very interesting, but at the same time […]

Defining and exploring trainer competences

On the beginning of the 3rd day, the trainer Max that started to bring the group closer to the main topic of the project, the trainer competences. We had to reflect individually about which of the competences are important for a trainer to be developed, and then share and compare […]

Travelling through times, talking about leadership and team building

The afternoon sessions of the second day of TOTAL Advance were about discussing leadership, building the team spirit and presenting partner organisations. The day finished with intercultural evening on which which participating countries presented their cultures, traditions and cuisine.

All running for TOTAL Advance in the palace of Krzyzowa

It was a very cold afternoon on 10th January 2017, when most  Princesses and Princes arrived at the Palace – tired, hungry, sleepy…. Everybody run to get some food on time – not a Royal table, but bearable. Then everybody rushed to get a comfy bed in their Quarters, before […]

Are you ready for TOTAL Advance?

TOTAL Advance is approaching very soon and we are very happy that we are going to host again a group of 30 active and motivated youth workers, leaders and trainers coming from 15 European countries.

The last day at Krzyzowa Palace

On last day participants learned more about Erasmus+, developed new project ideas,evaluated the first edition of TOTAL and had a fantastic closing ceremony.

More TOTAL trainers in action and discussing trainers’ etiquette

Day 6 with Total basic started full with energy and enthusiasm. As common during this week we started morning session with energizer. The guys from group number 6 divided earlier during the week/ started with very powerful and funny loud energizer. The sessions proceed  with the workshop, which was prepared […]

The Day of Competencies: Kissing versus Screaming

A new day in this fairy palace located in Krzyzowa, Poland. It started with a bunch of excited and enthusiastic participants, willing to know what this course will bring to them today. The atmosphere in the group was energetic and ready to begin, so, as this course is about Training […]

Time to get to know each other and build the team spirit

On Tuesday, Day 2, feeling more rested, the real business of getting to know each other began. During the morning we played outdoor games and also established the ground rules for the course so that we could set the tone for how we wanted the week to pass. The first […]