IYAC Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact: www.iyacbulgaria.comiyac.bulgaria@gmail.com



IYAC BULGARIA is a non-profit organization which main activities are related to fostering young people’s participation in a variety of local and international activities and also encouraging them to contribute and engage to projects under the European Commission’s former “Youth in action” program and current “Erasmus +” program.

We work closely together with several youth organizations in Bulgaria as well as the Bulgarian National Youth Forum. All of our\partners are leading organizations with a lot of experience in different projects in the youth field. IYAC Bulgaria (International Youth Activity Center) is a youth organization that works in the youth field in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have developed a very good network of partner organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.

TDM2000 Polska is one of our main international partners. We cooperate together in the field of youth and youth workers in both our countries, but also in Western Balkans. We implemented as partners more than 10 international projects and always valued very professional cooperation and great expertise of TDM2000 staff. What’s more, we work in very good cooperation with the institutions responsible for the youth sector (including local and regional governments).

IYAC Bulgaria has been a partner in many youth exchanges, seminars and training courses all over Europe and some non-EU countries. We work in different directions towards providing young people with opportunities to develop their skills and volunteering in different fields. A proof of our work is our first domestic project which was held in October 2014 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The title of the project was “Guidelines to self-development” and provided participants from 5 countries with the opportunity to improve their soft skills and knowledge in different aspects. The project met the approval of all stakeholders and became popular in the region. IYAC BULGARIA doesn’t narrow its activities only in one direction. Several teams, consisting of our members, are involved in implementing various initiatives to the benefit of the youth community. Along with local initiatives and projects, we provide young people with the opportunity to get to know the natural and historical treasures of our country – the “Travel Bulgaria” team organized.

Our work aims mainly to:

• involve as many young people as possible in the NGO sector
• create stable relationships with other organizations
• accomplish projects on socially significant topics
• to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their skills