Network for European Citizenship and Identity

Xylotymbou, Cyprus




NECI is a non profit, Non-governmental organization with an aim to collaborate and to assist on:

– reducing the discrimination and marginalisation,

– realising our common European Identity through multiple activities which are based on seminars, workshops, study visits, job shadowing, volunteering, youth exchange,

– feeling and living all opportunities we are entitled to as EU citizens.

Thus, we aim to create a powerful group/team of citizens of Europe from different cultural background, educational and financial level who share the same vision: Equal and decent opportunities on lifelong learning.

As organization we organize several social events such as volunteering jobs in shelters, clean public places, educational seminars and trainings for different groups of society (teachers, educators, adults, youths, children, special education). Our members also participated in several Youth in Action, Grundtvig and Comenius trainings abroad.

We cooperate with local NGOs and Institutions such as University of Nicosia, public schools, Ministry of Education and Culture, Skala Theatre etc, and Universities abroad such as in University of Macerata. We also prepared and implemented projects of YiA on Social Inclusion, employability, healthy lifestyle, Youth on Gender, Entrepreneurship and Active Citizenship.

NECI has a team of trainers who attended courses and trainings of Trainers in local and international level (SALTO, YiA, E+). NECI has organized also trainings of project managers and trainers abroad and created it’s own pool of trainers.

We have organised and participated in local and European projects in several fields according to the aims of our Organisation and the priorities of the European Commission. Among these themes we also took part in the first TOTAL by TDM2000 Polska which was one of the best trainings of our facilitators and trainers we have been so far. To our organisation are coming new members and volunteers so in order to respond more effectively to their needs and role either as youth workers or as trainers as well as Course managers we collaborate on follow-up of TOTAL. We believe that we will contribute in a positive way by sharing knowledge, experience and expertise for the aims of the project. We have trainers that can assist in case of planning and implementing activities of the project.