Czech Republic


Asociace DICE – Development Initiatives for a Common Europe, z. s.

Zlin, Czech Republic



Asociace DICE – Development Initiatives for a Common Europe, z. s. is a non profit, non governmental association founded in the region of Zlín in the south east Moravia. The motivation comes from providing the opportunities and raising the European awareness in the place slightly excluded due to geographical obstacles.

The main area of focus is the support of non formal education, dialogue and active citizenship of local youth and to create the platform for the personal development. Currently, besides the E+ funded TC that we have developed, we organize informal meetings and sessions where we discuss over the documentary movies that we watch, practice non formal education activities, present different information that the demand arises for and we promote other our activities that are to come (flipping ideas into reality by involving more people).

We seek for an active cooperation with University of Tomas Bata in Zlin, in order to connect the formal and non formal spheres of education in terms of achieving complex educational background for local youth in order to support successful involvement in the labour market.

Our base is growing and as new members are joining, getting educated and developing various activities of our team, the idea of providing new skills and opportunities leading to personal development gets fulfilled. Currently we have 8 key workers and step by step raising number of volunteers which vary from project to project. As we want to be more active and develop more local as well as international projects with high quality we need constant, sustainable development of our members.

TOTAL is for us unique chance how to access development of trainers’ competences for our team under experienced supervision and so support our capacity building. Also it happens that our volunteers wants to become more active in our organization and run their own activities and projects so they need systematic development in order to reach skills and comeptences which they need to deliver quality projects.

We established our organization in January 2015. During the one year our organisation has implemented a TC called „Soft Skills as a Key to Employability“, as the topic of employability and skills that are required by the labour market is one of the main areas of our focus. Also we have got approved a grant application for youth exchange Collage of Europe. We continue to develop projects within E+ and also we are partner organization of other youth NGOs across Europe so we managed to give chance to get educated within our partners’ projects to number of youngsters from our region.

Related to local activities we organized couple of movie screenings and depates related to the topic of human rights. These events encouraged group of local students who decided with our help to establish local branch of human rights film festival Jeden svet (One world).

We also run workshops related to information on international educational possibilities for youth. Currently we open a contact center in Zlin. It is going to be our office where we will organize prepapration meetings for participants of E+ projects but also many different meetings and workshops will be held here. Young people can use our library or come to get information related to our activities and their involvment. This center and many local activities are supported by the university and municipality. For future we plan to become sending and hosting organization for EVS and also we want to enrich the amount and range of local activities.