Trikala, Greece





We are an informal youth group with shared interests and common sensitivities as dealing with music, literature and want to share experiences and ideas with our peers in Europe. Some young people from our group belong to associations that promote artistic and traditional music, others in rock bands, some in cultural and sports clubs where collaborate with pupils and students.

Some are unemployed and suffer the consequences of the economic crisis in our country. Some of our young people have become beneficiaries of the impact and aftermath of similar European programs in our region. In all this we must add the innate desire of young people to escape from the confines of everyday life.

Most young people of our team have experienced of participation in EU projects on school teams or as members of informal groups of young people. Some of them have taken part in relevant trainings abroad organized by the National Office (training in Democracy or Appetiser).

Apart from the organizational level to track non-formal learning tools, some members of the group are involved in creating theatre and in the dance/music groups. We are in strong development. Our desire is to equipe our co-workers in new skills required in our work.