Inovaciju biuras

Vilnius, Lithuania




VsI Inovaciju biuras (Innovation Office) creates supportive environment for people’s activity, creativity and innovations. Organization invites to participate in different courses, seminars, workshops, and other events as people could gain more knowledge and be more creative and more confident in different situations. As well we encourage people to be active, more creative and do not give up. We work with youth in order to gain real experience by developing different projects.

Innovation Office acts as incubator for good ideas. Innovation Office encourages people to make changes step-by-step, in order to grow innovations inside themselves. Our organization consists of very enthusiastic members, other people (more than 200) are involved in organization activities in nonformal way. Institution has flat organizational structure with elements from team and network organizations.

We have successful cooperation with TDM2000 Polska and already implemented such projects as “Active against discrimination” (between 25th of October and 2nd of November 2015), “Explaining Europe” (in the period of 4-11 September 2015).

Our participants gained great experience from these mobilities, they come back highly motivated and wishing to adapt gained experience in reality. Our organization would like to continue the collaboration with TDM2000 Polska to become closer in order to reach more meaningful and positive results together in youth work.

Although Innovation Office’s main focus is on creativity and entrepreneurship, however organization encourages people to be active in many fields as innovations could be grown only if person has open mind and has broad point of view, especially it is important in social entrepreneurship.

Innovation Office is almost 2 years old and already implemented/is implementing 18 Erasmus+ projects such us “Ideas into Action: Entrepreneurship for youth workers based on local economy needs”, „Set Your Business Now!”, „Competition “create county” (International Name “for the Create Region”, which is adapted to national Member States)”, “Impropreneurs”, etc. Innovation Office acting as incubator for good ideas runs such long-term projects as Online Youth Newspaper, database of scholarly articles, database of educational events in Europe Other projects of good ideas are under developing stage.

The organization works with youth, encouraging them to try new things and gain real experience through internship or volunteering. Youth is experiencing what means to work in-group, what means to be leaders. However, young people need to be trained, and as experience shows, the best experience they take in international trainings as he/she feel more open and more relaxed abroad.

While developing different projects, Innovation Office has very good connections with different types of organizations both national and international: NGOs, different kind of associations, universities, public bodies, companies, adult education institutions, etc. Innovation Office is Youth organization and involves more than 200 young people in organization activities directly and in nonformal way. Some of them could be called “advanced” and act as leaders, others need some support to become leaders. Trainings for youth workers/leaders would help to strengthen our organization to be more active, more efficient and it let to involve more young people into our activities.