Associação Recreativa e Cultural Universitária do Minho

Braga, Portugal

Contact: www.arcum.ptarcum@arcum.pt




ARCUM is the Cultural and Recreative Association from Minho University. As an organization that works daily with university students, our goal is to create opportunities for young people and empower them with the required skills for them to flourish within their field of work with a skillset that is not gained through the regular classroom. It is our aim to enrich the educational, social and cultural life of young people living in our country, mainly young people with fewer opportunities.

Our organization is aimed towards community and youth development as we believe that young people can play an active role in the public life and become partners in the decision-making processes, and a driving force able to shape the society they live in. We would like to contribute to the formation of new successful generation, which is determined to change the world for the best.

The cultural field is our main road of action, giving emphasize on the intercultural exchange, its own values and how they all empower the unity of local communities as well as how they contribute on a regional, national and European level.

Our main goals are:

– to increase employment of young people and to support their personal and professional development,
– to inform and promote opportunities for young people about study abroad, internships, volunteering and many others,
– to encourage active citizenship and civic participation of young people in particular,
– to contribute to the preservation of cultural richness, keeping traditions alive as well as ethnography itself,
– to raise multicultural awareness and promote the intercultural exchange,
– to assist in building and developing a civil society based on the principles of democracy, freedom, pluralistic and rule of law, justice,
– responsibility and solidarity,
– to promote and seek the solutions for increasing the transparency in the allocation of public resources,
– to increase legal awareness of citizens and to promote and protect of human rights and freedoms,
– to encourage a responsible attitude to the nature and animals, to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental protection,
– to promote regional development and cross-border cooperation.

Mainly we work on International level within the field of Education and play a role on international terms within the cultural field. For this reason and because we have started to apply for Erasmus+ and participating in Youth Exchanges/Training Courses, we believe it is essential for the leaders and members within our association to attend this kind of project, making sure the association itself develops and improves its competences and also making sure this is a sustainable process as participants attending the program will be obligated to disseminate its results and what they’ve learned to the community we work with but mainly with our young leaders and youth workers so that, in the future, they will have a chance to take the association to new tides and develop personally.