Asociación Intercultural Europea – Go Europe

Valencia, Spain





The European Intercultural Association Go Europe was founded in Valencia with the aim of promoting an international spirit aligned with the common European cultural objectives. GoEurope promotes the intercultural dialogue, exchange of knowledge and European awareness through the active participation of young people, organizations and companies, in projects involving mobility, education and growth. Nonetheless the Association represents a tool to directly support both private and public entities, by directly involving them in European projects and initiatives of interest.

Our goal is to promote lifelong learning and initiatives of transnational mobility especially addressed to youth and professionals, with the ultimate vision of developing innovation by sharing knowledge and fostering strategic collaborations among partners all over Europe.

Key Activities of Go Europe:

– Dissemination of European opportunities and initiatives;

– Planning, drafting, and management of European projects at all stages;

-Establishment and promotion of networks and relationships at local, national and European level;

– Development and provision of training courses, activities, events, conferences as well as European exchanges, with a special focus
on graphic arts, design and the multimedia & audiovisual sector;

– Promotion of lifelong learning as a tool to adapt to the constant changes and to achieve personal and professional growth;

– The promotion of intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and equal opportunities; respect and diversity.


Main Areas of Action:

Thanks to the expertise of our complementary multilanguage staff, Go Europe is specialized in active employment policies and
entrepreneurship, in culture, youth and sports activities, innovation and competitiveness, as well as lifelong learning and new technologies.

Specifically, GoEurope aims to encourage young people in Valencia to take an active role and be Europeans, through the participation in youth exchanges, European projects and activities that take place in our city.

At the same time, our organisation implements Training Courses, youth exchanges and seminars with young Europeans in order to share best practices, discuss about common problems and possible solutions, establish a network and share their ideas of a future Europe together. For such a reason, GoEurope aims to participate in this Training Course as a way to improve the competences of our youth workers who are constantly in touch with young people and the importance to communicate well the idea of Europe.