Team building

The importance of Integration and Team Building

Conducted by: Dalia Carvalho, Portugal, participant on TOTAL Basic and Lab editions   How long did the workshop last?    45 minutes   Target group: 6 participants. From 19 to 25 years old. We were all part of the YME – Young Minho Enterprise, a junior entreprise of the University […]

From knowledge to practice – learning by doing day

After the punch and lunch “siesta” as our Italians like to say, we proceed to working on facilitation of workshops by participants. The first group had a workshop about team building where participants were divided into 2 groups. Each of the participants got one role, leader or blind-folded. We had […]

Navigating with hundred feet into a time machine

Ready? Ready to read minds? Being a skilled trainer might include telepathy at some point, so why not trying to use our hands as mind-lector tools? As much as you are ready because it is clear in your mind, it will be clear for somebody else that will get the […]

Travelling through times, talking about leadership and team building

The afternoon sessions of the second day of TOTAL Advance were about discussing leadership, building the team spirit and presenting partner organisations. The day finished with intercultural evening on which which participating countries presented their cultures, traditions and cuisine.