A trainer without training resources is like a library without books

On this day participants were presented and discussed about valuable training resources, how they can be used and how they can be adapted for youth work.

The Day of Competencies: Kissing versus Screaming

A new day in this fairy palace located in Krzyzowa, Poland. It started with a bunch of excited and enthusiastic participants, willing to know what this course will bring to them today. The atmosphere in the group was energetic and ready to begin, so, as this course is about Training […]

Time to get to know each other and build the team spirit

On Tuesday, Day 2, feeling more rested, the real business of getting to know each other began. During the morning we played outdoor games and also established the ground rules for the course so that we could set the tone for how we wanted the week to pass. The first […]

Totally Ready and Totally Excited!

On Monday, 12th September we arrived to Krzyżowa Village and specifically, to the home of Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, the impressive historic site which is also our training venue. We arrived tired, having travelled to Poland from 15 countries across Europe, hungry for knowledge but more immediately, […]