Top of the pops – The show must go on

The group were teleported back in time through music and costumes to the British 70’s music scene. Dressed as Ken Adams, Pink, Robbie Williams, Slash and 50 Cent, we got led through ‘Top of the Tips’ for being the most AWESOME TRAINER that we all aim to become.

On the way to success

What about going even further into exploring trainer’s path? That’s what we did during the late afternoon of this day. Each one of us received a list of stages that the trainer should go through during his work which included preparation materials, evaluation, finalize the working program, creating session outlines […]

Let’s design it!

Today we entered the core of our working week and we had the chance, during the first part of the morning, to design and plan our own sessions! But before starting the preparation, let’s test our skills through an energizer! Lot of fun and laughs in the group, as we […]

Navigating with hundred feet into a time machine

Ready? Ready to read minds? Being a skilled trainer might include telepathy at some point, so why not trying to use our hands as mind-lector tools? As much as you are ready because it is clear in your mind, it will be clear for somebody else that will get the […]