A square kilometer of opportunities!

Dobro Utro Uzana! After creating so many sharing circles for the whole week, this morning started with another shape… the square! With some visual and musical support, we got to choose one dancer in the screen from whom to copy the movements of the square dance. Diversity in action, playing […]

Top of the pops – The show must go on

The group were teleported back in time through music and costumes to the British 70’s music scene. Dressed as Ken Adams, Pink, Robbie Williams, Slash and 50 Cent, we got led through ‘Top of the Tips’ for being the most AWESOME TRAINER that we all aim to become.

On the way to success

What about going even further into exploring trainer’s path? That’s what we did during the late afternoon of this day. Each one of us received a list of stages that the trainer should go through during his work which included preparation materials, evaluation, finalize the working program, creating session outlines […]

From knowledge to practice – learning by doing day

After the punch and lunch “siesta” as our Italians like to say, we proceed to working on facilitation of workshops by participants. The first group had a workshop about team building where participants were divided into 2 groups. Each of the participants got one role, leader or blind-folded. We had […]

Let’s design it!

Today we entered the core of our working week and we had the chance, during the first part of the morning, to design and plan our own sessions! But before starting the preparation, let’s test our skills through an energizer! Lot of fun and laughs in the group, as we […]

Developing awareness and training sessions day

Hello everybody! After a pretty invigorating morning and a sleepy-walking-working siesta, we started enjoying an ever revealing afternoon of further Awareness as to our role as trainers and our capabilities, knowledge, needs and responsibilities. Why are we Trainers or Why do we want to be Trainers? Is it the money? […]

Diving in the deep: Analyzing youth participation around Europe

We’ve started the morning going back to medieval times by being princesses, dragons and castles that have to move around and form new positions in order to energize ourselves and to get ready for the upcoming activities. We started with the Manual on the European Charter on the participation of […]

Navigating with hundred feet into a time machine

Ready? Ready to read minds? Being a skilled trainer might include telepathy at some point, so why not trying to use our hands as mind-lector tools? As much as you are ready because it is clear in your mind, it will be clear for somebody else that will get the […]

TOTALLY ready to start!

Here we go again! Total lab has finally started and today we’re gathering in the beautiful nature of Uzana for an intense and productive week together! New people and faces together with old friends will make this training course an unforgettable learning experience! We began our day with a short […]

TOTAL moves from the Polish palace of Krzyzowa to the Bulgarian forest of Uzana

Arriving in Sofia, was quite interesting and adventurous for most of us, but the real adventure actually started at 16.00 on the 3rd April 2017, at Sofia Airport, Terminal 2, outside the Metro Station, when everybody started gathering for our Erasmus+ TOTAL LAB in Uzana. It was very nice to […]

TOTAL Advance completed with an Oscars ceremony!

Yes, it is summing up and packing to go home time! This week was too quick for all of us. AND Lots of digestion and awareness to take place at home and at work, the next 5 – 50 days, for most of us! We heard and saw a lot […]

Totally final countdown

In the last two sessions of the last day together, we were introduced into the structure and the possibilities of the Erasmus+ Programme – what the Key Actions are, which are the main principles, and possibilities for us as trainers. We discussed Key Action 1, Learning mobility for individuals and Sector “Youth” in particular. Then, the trainer introduced the main elements of the application form, how to […]

Getting practical knowledge about Erasmus+ and how to write a good project proposal

Our last training day started with very nice Ivan’s energiser which was introducing us to our last “Vienas team” workshop with the title “Who are I?” For beginning we drew our portrait without knowing why. After that we wrote  ten aspects  – “who we are”. It was very interesting activity […]

Participants take the stage as trainers to speak about violence

Two more participant-led workshops happened during the afternoon sessions of the sixth day. The two delivering teams were composed by four people each. In the first session it was the “Power Station” workshop, tackling the issue of violence and it’s remedies. Fantasy, creativity and an atmospheric mood, that was transferred […]

Methods fair and transferring from theory to practice

Our afternoon started with a very sweet energizer “Teddy bear“ to woke up after our lunch break. When we were prepared, we started with the Methods fair on which we were supposed to speak about different non-formal learning methodological approaches that we use in our youth and trainers work. Our […]