TOTAL Advance completed with an Oscars ceremony!

Yes, it is summing up and packing to go home time! This week was too quick for all of us. AND Lots of digestion and awareness to take place at home and at work, the next 5 – 50 days, for most of us! We heard and saw a lot […]

Totally final countdown

In the last two sessions of the last day together, we were introduced into the structure and the possibilities of the Erasmus+ Programme – what the Key Actions are, which are the main principles, and possibilities for us as trainers. We discussed Key Action 1, Learning mobility for individuals and Sector “Youth” in particular. Then, the trainer introduced the main elements of the application form, how to […]

Getting practical knowledge about Erasmus+ and how to write a good project proposal

Our last training day started with very nice Ivan’s energiser which was introducing us to our last “Vienas team” workshop with the title “Who are I?” For beginning we drew our portrait without knowing why. After that we wrote  ten aspects  – “who we are”. It was very interesting activity […]

Participants take the stage as trainers to speak about violence

Two more participant-led workshops happened during the afternoon sessions of the sixth day. The two delivering teams were composed by four people each. In the first session it was the “Power Station” workshop, tackling the issue of violence and it’s remedies. Fantasy, creativity and an atmospheric mood, that was transferred […]

Methods fair and transferring from theory to practice

Our afternoon started with a very sweet energizer “Teddy bear“ to woke up after our lunch break. When we were prepared, we started with the Methods fair on which we were supposed to speak about different non-formal learning methodological approaches that we use in our youth and trainers work. Our […]