From knowledge to practice – learning by doing day

After the punch and lunch “siesta” as our Italians like to say, we proceed to working on facilitation of workshops by participants. The first group had a workshop about team building where participants were divided into 2 groups. Each of the participants got one role, leader or blind-folded. We had […]

Let’s design it!

Today we entered the core of our working week and we had the chance, during the first part of the morning, to design and plan our own sessions! But before starting the preparation, let’s test our skills through an energizer! Lot of fun and laughs in the group, as we […]

Time to put theory into practice – TOTAL trainers in action!

Day 5 of TOTAL basic was reserved for putting the theory and gained competences into practice by enabling participants to run workshops on their own and practice their roles as facilitators and trainers.